The Grand

The Grand Student Hall is an
internationally orientated
student and expat housing complex
in the heart of Heerlen.

The Grand

The Grand Student Hall is an internationally orientated student housing complex in the heart of Heerlen, also known as Aachen North. There is always something to experience and explore. The railway station is just a five minute walk from The Grand. Within 20 minutes, public transportation will bring you to the RWTH Aachen University, Zuyd Hogeschool or Maastricht University.

Students and expats of all nationalities enjoy the beautiful rooms of ‘The Grand’. Discover it now.

Discover The Grand Student Hall
Do you want to live in a 4 star accommodation? You can, at The Grand Student Hall. The luxurious rooms have recently been renovated and turned into a cozy and fully equipped student residence. In the furnished rooms you will find a comfortable bed and everything else you might need. Read more about the facilities.

‘The Grand’ is located in the periphery of the vibrant center of Heerlen. Across the street you will find the charming woods of the Aambos, where you can go for a pleasant walk or run. Heerlen is a modern city built on the colourful history of coal mining.

Over the years, Heerlen has become the cultural highlight of Parkstad. It’s the city where creative people meet and where the spirit of culture and activity comes together. Enjoy the daring murals in the neighbourhood or exchange ideas with others over a cup of coffee. There is always something fun to do or a trendy spot to (re-)experience.

Why The Grand?

  • Education and training locations are easy to reach by car, bike or public transportation
  • All rooms furnished with a private bathroom and toilet
  • Including Wi-Fi
  • Including gas, water and electricity
  • Well maintained public rooms
  • Flexible rental contract
  • International location and excellent facilities
  • Secure housing in a fine neighborhood
  • Easily and quickly to arrange

Heerlen Aachen
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Great quality

The quality of your stay is our priority. Experience the luxury of a hotel, at home.

The best facilities

Live in a fully furnished dorm, with your own bathroom and lots of other facilities all in one student and expats housing complex.

No long travels

Within thirty minutes, you can be in Heerlen, Maastricht or Aachen. Ready to go?

Feel home right away

Everything can be arranged before your arrival. So when you get here, you only need to open your door and drop your luggage. Welcome home.


The Grand

Groene Boord 23
6411, GE Heerlen
The Netherlands