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Follow our blog to stay updated about the latest news, events you may not miss in and around The Grand and inside information about your living space. Experience The Grand at her best

Quizzing, swinging and eating: this week in Heerlen!

The first guests have arrived! We’re very excited to open the doors to The Grand Student Hall. Fortunately for our Grand Guests, there’s a lot going on this week in Heerlen. If you’re looking for fun events during the week, tonight’s the start of the pubquiz season in Erin’s Isle Irish Pub! Go over there…

The start of the season!

The last day of August… and a Monday. You might feel a bit blue. But not to worry! The start of September marks the start of a season filled with events, concerts and lots more. Take this week for example: Cultura Nova is in full swing, the Cityliv expo has placed an exhibition throughout the…

Cultura Nova in Heerlen

This Friday marks the start of Cultura Nova: an international film, music, art but most of all theatre festival in the heart of Heerlen. There will be a spectacular opening ceremony of this festival starting 21:30 on a field across the MijnMuseum (Mijnmuseumpad 2, 6412 EX Heerlen). French groups Groupe F and Les Plasticiens Volants…


Meet The Grand Community!

Already heard of The Grand Community? It’s the place for meeting and mingling for students in the area of Aachen, Heerlen and Maastricht, but actually… everybody is welcome to join the fun! Come and meet fellow students, roommates to be or your new best friend. From August 10th onwards you can meet up with us…

Students The Grand Student Hall Heerlen

Free public transport for Aachener Hochschule students

We’re quite sure you haven’t been offered a deal this good lately. If you are a student of an education in Aachen staying in the Parkstad area (Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf) public transport in Parkstad and to Aachen is absolutely and completely free! What do need to do? To get your hands on this ‘Studierenden-Ticket Parkstad…

Public Transport in Heerlen

Free Wi-Fi in Heerlen

Where would we be without Wi-Fi? Nowhere we would like to be! In Heerlen, there is this huge Wi-Fi network spread out all over the city. So besides the Wi-Fi network in your room in The Grand Student Hall, you can also surf, Skype, shop, book your holiday or make your homework online, for free,…

Free Wifi in Heerlen

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