Meet The Grand Community!

Already heard of The Grand Community? It’s the place for meeting and mingling for students in the area of Aachen, Heerlen and Maastricht, but actually… everybody is welcome to join the fun! Come and meet fellow students, roommates to be or your new best friend. From August 10th onwards you can meet up with us at the Super C Building in Aachen. Grab a train (the connections are great) and do bring some friends.

You’ll recognize our Grand Ladies by their hotel outfits and you can ask them anything about The Grand Student Hall, the community and other stuff you’re dying to know more about. Join the fun and take The Grand Express to explore The Grand Community at The Grand Student Hall in Heerlen. As member of The Grand Community you also get discount at events, restaurants and pubs in Heerlen. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We’d love to meet you!

Students The Grand Student Hall Heerlen

The Grand

Groene Boord 23
6411, GE Heerlen
The Netherlands