Free Wi-Fi in Heerlen

Where would we be without Wi-Fi? Nowhere we would like to be! In Heerlen, there is this huge Wi-Fi network spread out all over the city. So besides the Wi-Fi network in your room in The Grand Student Hall, you can also surf, Skype, shop, book your holiday or make your homework online, for free, everywhere in Heerlen by using ‘Heerlen Live’.

Solar energy

And you know what else is really cool? This Wi-Fi network is running on 100% solar power! Everyday there are 2,500 users of this network. The Wi-Fi is made publically available to connect people like you to make Heerlen an even more vibrant city. No password is needed, just connect to ‘Heerlen Live’ and accept the terms and conditions. Stay connected!

Free Wifi in Heerlen

The Grand

Groene Boord 23
6411, GE Heerlen
The Netherlands